Running a small business is demanding enough… without the ever-changing, frustrating, time-consuming complexity of keeping your technology up and running and your web site current. Not to mention the associated costs.

Technical support for small business often defaults to a tech-savvy friend or co-worker who can piece together temporary solutions… until the next glitch or rev or bug or attack or upgrade requires a re-do.

What small business really needs is IT support that enhances and maintains the time saving productivity of the entire technology solution… at an affordable price.

We deliver the expertise of total technical support found at large companies… at a reasonable price. We save you money by employing a combination of regular onsite visits with ongoing analysis via Internet network management tools.

We can help increase the productivity of your technology and effectiveness of your web site needs by helping you navigate through the maze of emerging options. We’ll help you find which DSL services fits best, what PC manufacturer delivers the appropriate value, strategically tackle decision on the most productive and cost-effective mix of laptops, smart cell phones, wireless options, printer/fax/scanners, anti-virus protection, and the myriad of software solutions available. We offer simple maintenance for your exist web site and can help you decide when your site needs an overhaul.

We provide 7×24 troubleshooting, productivity planning, system updates, disaster recovery, and ensure your technology is safe, secure, and productive. We worry about your IT network… so you can focus on your business

What We Do:

Hardware Solutions

Resolve the usual assortment of PC/Network break fix problems.
Configure and setup your network.
Configure and setup Wireless Networks.
Install shared network printers and other devices.
Setup remote access.
Software Solutions

Resolve Microsoft software errors/issues you may have.
Technology System Development

Secure the best price/configuration for your new systems.
Research and recommend software for your applications.
Consult with you to determine your long-term goals and how technology can assist in meeting those goals.


Scan your machines for any viruses and spyware.
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity programs.
Develop a backup scheme for your Computers and Networks
Web Design and Development


Located on the San Francisco Peninsula, Palo Alto PC serves clients from Sacramento to Hawaii.  For the past thirty years, we have been helping companies with their IT and system needs.

Low cost PC’s have enabled offices to set-up networked workstations that can share files and printers, access the Web and have multiple email accounts, enabling capabilities and efficiencies that used to be available only in large corporate settings.

All too often, however, these systems are setup in an ad-hoc manner, usually on an urgent basis with a tech-savvy friend. This may work fine for the short term, but as time goes by, there may be a virus attack, or system slow downs due to Spyware, or perhaps a disk crash and data needs to be recovered.

At Palo Alto PC, we have adopted the “best practices” used in large corporate environments to small/mid-size business. We have a set of procedures we follow to setup PC’s and networks based on industry standards. We can come in, evaluate your systems and can give you a scorecard (or grade) with what we find.  This is the starting point for creating a secure, stable system for your company.

Palo Alto PC’s staff is aware of the growing need to provide web development services that cover a range of needs: quick content changes, simple layout updates, to site redesign.  We realizes your business web site is more than just a place for information, but that it can be an effective and economical marketing tool for small businesses. To remain competitive an online presences is essential to ensure potential customers can find your products or services.  We offer a range of solutions to help you manage your content, develop strategies to keep your site engaging and informative, while ensuring the site’s strong search engines performance.  We’ll work with you to find the solution that matches your company’s visibility goals with your staffs abilities.

Brian Fukuba

Brian Fukuba
Brian Fukuba has been involved in the Information Technology area in the Peninsula for the past twenty

years. He has been a part of the growth of PCs from a novelty to a necessary part of business today. Uniquely, that experience has been both in large corporate settings as a technician/manager and in small business/home environments as a consultant. He has worked for corporations such as US Phillips, AMD, Daisy/Cadnetics, US Fleet Leasing (Ford), and KLA-Tencor. He has also worked as a computer consultant in offices along the Peninsula and in Sacramento, including law firms, financial investment firms, Real Estate management firms, Mortgage companies, and businesses specializing in Meetings and Incentives – (many of these clients have been with him for more than twenty years). His breadth of experience ranges from PC Desktop support to managing a multi-million dollar Data Center for a Fortune 500 company. He has written PC based application code, and has developed large scale Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity programs for Corporate IT.


WannaCry RansomeWare

The reason why the current Wannacry ransomeware didn’t affect the US? Someone hit the “kill” switch. However, new variants will be coming out…so make sure your latest Microsoft patches are installed! https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/may/13/accidental-hero-finds-kill-switch-to-stop-spread-of-ransomware-cyber-attack


Brian Fukuba

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